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Debt Collection

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Debt Collection

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We are a full-service debt collection and creditors’ rights law firm. With over forty years of hard-earned experience in Virginia, the team at Gilliam & Mikula has developed an extremely effective collection strategy that maximizes the return on your outsourced debt.

By using both traditional and legal methods of collections, we find that we get our clients the results they are looking for, time and time again. As attorneys, we put the power of the court on your side… unlike collection agencies. We provide a seamless progression from the initial demand letter all the way through to post-judgment recoveries.

Debt Collection


Let’s face it: collecting overdue payments from your clients and customers is one of the worst and most burdensome parts of business. Companies large and small face record amounts of debt, and without the power of law and the wisdom of experience, many of these debts go unpaid.

We’re here to alleviate that burden.

Debt Collection
Court Fee Collection

Serving Virginia


No matter where you are in the commonwealth, if you are in need of our services, we can help.

While our offices are located in Richmond, we are proud to offer debt collection services to clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, including Northern Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Harrisonburg, Danville and beyond.

If you’re ready to collect on the debt you’re owed, give us a call.

We concentrate in the following fields for collections:
Medical & Dental
Financial Institutions & Lenders
Retail & Commercial
Homeowner Associations

Your reputation is as important to us as it is to you

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