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How Gilliam & Mikula Can Help Collect Court Fees


Commonwealth’s attorney’s offices throughout the state are asked to collect court fees on behalf of their jurisdiction at regular intervals. This is no small task and many offices just don’t have the time, resources, or manpower. All of this presents a problem for CA’s offices throughout Virginia… but this blog is all about the solution: […]

Regain Control of Your Cash Flow: Why Outsourcing Debt Collection is a Smart Business Move

Outsourcing Debt Collection

In the business world, cash flow is the lifeblood that keeps operations running smoothly. However, when faced with unpaid debts, businesses often struggle to maintain a healthy cash flow, leading to increased stress, strained resources, and potential financial setbacks. This is where outsourcing debt collection to a professional debt collection agency emerges as a strategic […]

Maryland Debt Collection Agency

Maryland Debt Collection Agency

Are you looking for a Maryland debt collection agency? Look no further than Gilliam & Mikula! We are a full-service debt collection agency and debt collection law firm with decades of experience. We are now fully licensed to provide our uniquely effective debt collection efforts throughout the state of Maryland.   Why Choose Gilliam & […]

How to Find a Debt Collection Attorney

Debt Collection Attorney

If you’re a business owner in Virginia or Maryland, you may eventually need to collect an outstanding debt from a delinquent customer. If your attempts to recover the debt on your own have proven unsuccessful, it’s time to consider enlisting the services of a professional debt collection attorney.  But how do you go about finding […]

Join Gilliam & Mikula at the 2023 VMGMA Fall Conference!

The Virginia Medical Group Management Association (VMGMA) Fall Conference is happening soon (October 8-10, 2023), and we want you to be there!  VMGMA conferences are a great place to meet other medical management professionals and vendors who can help you and your business succeed. It’s always a lot of fun, and the whole team at […]

Now Serving Maryland!


We’re excited to announce that we’re now licensed to operate and collect debt for businesses throughout the great state of Maryland! As one of Virginia’s most experienced and successful debt collection agencies, we’re a great match for any business in Maryland. Here’s what we can offer: Debt Collection Services in Maryland We are now offering […]

How to Collect Debt

How to collect debt

As a business owner, you know that collecting debt is an essential part of keeping your business afloat, your payroll running smoothly, and your cash flow healthy. However, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. That’s why many businesses hire a debt collection firm like Gilliam & Mikula. However, if you want to go […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Debt Collection Attorney

how to collect debt

If your business has begun to pile up past-due debts, it’s time to consider hiring a debt collection attorney. Retaining the services of a debt collection attorney’s agency is a good option if you have tried to collect the debt yourself and have yet to be successful. However, it is vital to choose the right […]

How a Debt Collection Agency Can Help Dentists Recover Outstanding Debt

A Debt Collection Agency Can Help Dentists

As a dentist, you know that providing quality dental care is your top priority. But what happens when a patient fails to pay their bill? Delinquent payments can be a significant financial setback for your practice and take up much of your time and energy. That’s why many dental practices turn to debt collection agencies […]

How to Write a Strong Medical Services Contract

Payment Terms Contract

A medical services contract is crucial to any business that isn’t paid immediately at the point of sale. Let’s assume you run a medical practice here in Virginia. When it comes time to collect, if your payment terms are loose… expect people to try and slip through the cracks. Avoid that entirely by creating a […]