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Trust And Transparency: The Key to Medical Debt Recovery

Trust and Transparency

In the often complex world of medical billing and finances, transparency can be a powerful tool for building trust with patients and improving debt recovery rates. As a debt collection agency specializing in ethical practices for medical companies, we understand that clear communication and open dialogue are essential for fostering positive patient relationships, even when dealing with […]

When to Hire a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency

Imagine this: for the second or third time (or maybe more) since you’ve started your business, one of your customers/clients is delinquent in paying. You’re really hoping that you won’t have to write this one off like the ones in the past. This isn’t something you want to be dealing with – after all, you […]

Join Gilliam & Mikula at the Virginia Association of Commonwealths Attorneys Spring Conference


We’re thrilled to be participating in the 2024 VACA Spring Conference in Norfolk, Virginia! This event provides a valuable opportunity for Gilliam & Mikula to connect directly with the Commonwealth Attorneys of Virginia. We’re looking forward to fostering meaningful relationships, sharing our insights, and learning from other professionals dedicated to serving the communities of Virginia. […]

How Gilliam & Mikula Can Help Collect Court Fees


Commonwealth’s attorney’s offices throughout the state are asked to collect court fees on behalf of their jurisdiction at regular intervals. This is no small task and many offices just don’t have the time, resources, or manpower. All of this presents a problem for CA’s offices throughout Virginia… but this blog is all about the solution: […]

What Sets Us Apart from Other Debt Collection Agencies in VA

Debt Collection Agencies in VA

Virginia has many debt collection agencies, and you certainly have your pick if you want to collect on what your business is owed. We want to throw our hat in the ring, and we think that what our agency offers sets us apart from the other debt collection agencies in VA. Keep reading to learn […]

Join Gilliam & Mikula at the 2024 HCLA Spring Conference

Matthew Mikula

Calling all Virginia healthcare leaders!  The HCLA Spring Conference is just around the corner (March 17th-19th, 2024), and you won’t want to miss it. Why attend? It’s your chance to: Connect with colleagues: Network with other medical management professionals and make valuable connections with vendors who can support your business goals. Stay informed: Gain insights on the latest […]

Payment Terms and Debt Collection

Payment Terms

When we onboard a new client, one of our first tasks is to review their contractual language… specifically, their payment terms. After all, if your contract’s payment terms are rock solid and agreed upon affirmatively by both parties, our ability to collect the debt can be improved. So, how do you know if your contract […]

Debt Collection Services Will Improve Your P&L Statement

Collect Debt in Maryland

As the champagne fizz fades and the resolutions settle in, most businesses have their sights set on one key target: growth. But achieving that growth requires addressing the elephant in the room – outstanding receivables. Those lingering unpaid invoices can cast a long shadow on your P&L statement, hindering your ability to invest in the […]

Five Important Facts About Debt

Practice Areas

You Can Have Good Debt Not all debt is bad. Mortgages, car payments, student loans, and reasonable credit card expenditures are, for most of us, part of everyday life. In fact, there’s really no way to build up your credit score without incurring some debt. So don’t be afraid of good debt; it is a […]

Happy Holidays! 2023 in Review


As Christmas and the New Year approaches, our team at Gilliam & Mikula is wrapping up a great year. We want to express our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season to our valued clients and partners! 2023 has been a fantastic year for Gilliam & Mikula. We witnessed sustained success and significant expansion, solidifying […]

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