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Mid-Year Debt Collection

mid year debt collection

We’ve been in the debt collection business for a long time, so we know that the demand for debt collection increases as we head into the hot seasons. We call it Mid-Year Debt Collection time! No matter the financial situation or the economy – around June, people want to start collecting. Let’s take a look […]

Trust And Transparency: The Key to Medical Debt Recovery

Trust and Transparency

In the often complex world of medical billing and finances, transparency can be a powerful tool for building trust with patients and improving debt recovery rates. As a debt collection agency specializing in ethical practices for medical companies, we understand that clear communication and open dialogue are essential for fostering positive patient relationships, even when dealing with […]

When to Hire a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency

Imagine this: for the second or third time (or maybe more) since you’ve started your business, one of your customers/clients is delinquent in paying. You’re really hoping that you won’t have to write this one off like the ones in the past. This isn’t something you want to be dealing with – after all, you […]

Join Gilliam & Mikula at the Virginia Association of Commonwealths Attorneys Spring Conference


We’re thrilled to be participating in the 2024 VACA Spring Conference in Norfolk, Virginia! This event provides a valuable opportunity for Gilliam & Mikula to connect directly with the Commonwealth Attorneys of Virginia. We’re looking forward to fostering meaningful relationships, sharing our insights, and learning from other professionals dedicated to serving the communities of Virginia. […]

How Gilliam & Mikula Can Help Collect Court Fees


Commonwealth’s attorney’s offices throughout the state are asked to collect court fees on behalf of their jurisdiction at regular intervals. This is no small task and many offices just don’t have the time, resources, or manpower. All of this presents a problem for CA’s offices throughout Virginia… but this blog is all about the solution: […]

How to Write a Strong Medical Services Contract

Payment Terms Contract

A medical services contract is crucial to any business that isn’t paid immediately at the point of sale. Let’s assume you run a medical practice here in Virginia. When it comes time to collect, if your payment terms are loose… expect people to try and slip through the cracks. Avoid that entirely by creating a […]

Dealing With Medical Debt Collections

Payment Terms Contract

In the complex landscape of the healthcare industry, the amount of medical debt collections outstanding can become a significant concern for medical practices. Unpaid medical bills create both financial challenges, and strain the overall efficiency of healthcare providers. Many medical businesses are turning to professional medical debt collections agencies. Let’s take a look at some […]

Gilliam & Mikula: The Healthcare Debt Recovery Solution

Healthcare Debt Recovery

Medical debt is a major issue for Virginians. In fact, one in five Americans has medical debt, and the average amount of debt is over $2,000. If you represent a medical firm or healthcare business, you know that dealing with medical debt can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s why you need a healthcare debt recovery […]

Medical Collections & Your Business

Trust and Transparency

Medical collections can hurt your business in a number of ways. First, they can damage your reputation. When patients see that you have a lot of unpaid medical bills, they may be less likely to trust you or to do business with you in the future. Second, medical collections can hurt your finances. If you […]

Expert Tips on How to Collect on Debt

Debt Collecting

Debt collection is an important part of every successful business. If you’ve been in business long enough, and have served enough customers, you’ll inevitably run into a client that has issues with making payments. The first time that happens, it can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. However, there are ways to increase the likelihood that […]