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How Gilliam & Mikula Can Help Collect Court Fees


Commonwealth’s attorney’s offices throughout the state are asked to collect court fees on behalf of their jurisdiction at regular intervals. This is no small task and many offices just don’t have the time, resources, or manpower. 

All of this presents a problem for CA’s offices throughout Virginia… but this blog is all about the solution: Commonwealth’s attorneys should hire Gilliam & Mikula to collect their court fees. Let’s take a look at why! 

Hiring Us to Collect Court Fees Makes Sense

Gilliam & Mikula is an expert debt collection agency. We have decades of experience in debt collection, and that experience readily applies to court fee collection. Here are some of the reasons your office should consider hiring our team to collect delinquent court fees!

1.) There’s Only So Much Time in The Day

One of the things we hear the most from acquaintances across the Commonwealth is that they just don’t have the time to pursue court fines and costs. Some offices are understaffed, most are overworked, and almost none have experience with debt collection. 

Hiring Gilliam & Mikula totally and entirely relieves your office of having to put precious time towards court fee collection. We’ll happily use our dedicated team instead!

2.) We Are Motivated, Dedicated, and Capable

Many jurisdictions throughout the state simply ask the Department of Taxation to handle delinquent court fees. The issue there is that, like your office, they’re overburdened too, and cannot dedicate the manpower to adequately collect on your behalf.

Because we only get paid when you do, our team of debt collection pros is extremely motivated to collect as much as possible – and we’re experts at doing just that. 

3.) At Your Office’s Discretion

Whether you want to collect on big ticket items only, limit the amount of your constituents that we collect from, or only target out-of-staters, we leave it up to you.

Our role would be to collect court fees from the people you send over to us! 

4.) A Great Way to Uphold Campaign Promises

If you want to make a splash during your time in office, collecting on long-overdue debt that is legally owed to your jurisdiction is a great way to do it. After all, there’s nothing taxpayers like to see more than fiscal responsibility at the local level.

Because we collect and only get paid when we do, you’ll be filling your jurisdiction’s coffers, and running a financially responsible office.

5.) We Will Collect – And Only Get Paid When We Are Successful

We are extremely confident we will collect on your office’s delinquent court fees. After all – the groundwork is already done! Your office already has a plethora of identifying information for each debtor, as well as a standing legal judgment against them for payment. 

With that in hand, our collection efforts are much more likely to succeed.

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