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What a Debt Collection Agency Can Do For You

Debt Collection

If you’re in a business or market that demonstrates heightened risk for payment delinquency, such as healthcare, you’ll need to know what a debt collection agency can do for you. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the best reasons to hire a debt collection agency, as well as what sets Gilliam & Mikula apart in the debt collection field.

Benefits of Hiring Debt Collection Agencies

It should go without saying that the biggest benefit of hiring a debt collection agency is that you are far more likely to recover outstanding debt. Obviously, that’s our first and foremost focus. However, there are other benefits, such as: 

Speedier Debt Recovery

Not only are you significantly more likely to recover debt by hiring a debt collection outfit – you’ll recover it faster, as well. Recovery speed is an extremely important part of the debt collection equation: the faster you’re able to pursue an outstanding account, the more likely you will be to get paid… and get paid in full. 


We’ve mentioned it many times before, but it bears repeating: we specialize in debt collection… and you don’t. That’s not a knock – after all, we’re not performing surgeries or physical therapy on ourselves – we’d come to you for that!

Specialization is the name of the game. We know every trick of the trade, and have access to, and familiarity with, each and every tool available to leverage your debt collection position. 

You focus on the hard work of running your business – we’ll focus on making sure you get paid for that hard work! 

Legal Shielding

There are a myriad of laws, regulations, and rules that govern debt collection practices and protections. If you mistakenly or unknowingly violate one of those rules, not only will you likely forfeit your ability to collect… you’ll also potentially face fines, fees, or charges. 

When you hire a debt collector to pursue outstanding accounts on your behalf, the agency takes on the lion’s share of liability – meaning your business is shielded from potential legal ramifications.

Legal Capabilities

Gilliam & Mikula is fairly unique in the debt collection agency space, in that we’re a legal debt collection firm helmed by attorneys. That means, on top of all the benefits of a debt collection agency, we can also directly pursue debt collection via the court and legal system. When working with a firm like ours, there’s no intermediary should you need to file a lawsuit, and you won’t need to hire your own attorney. That’s a huge benefit to the speed and likelihood that you’ll be able to collect on your debt.

We are a Debt Collection Agency… and More

Like we said above – the obvious benefit of hiring a debt collection agency is, well, debt collection. It doesn’t end there though, and if you’re ready to collect, hiring a firm like Gilliam & Mikula is the very best place to start. Fill out the form below to begin the process!

Gilliam & Mikula is centrally located in Richmond, Virginia, and serves clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our attorneys have over forty years of combined experience in various practice areas, representing individuals and businesses. We are licensed to practice in all General District Courts and Circuit Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia including, Central, Tidewater, and Northern Virginia areas.

The attorneys at Gilliam & Mikula are here to smoothly guide you through the “legal maze” and ensure that you achieve the most favorable outcome.

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